Baklava, Koudabiedes, Melomakarona, are just a few of our favorite traditional Greek desserts and pastries. Over the last 60 years, we’ve continued to master the art of European baking back to our grandparents’ roots. We bake our pastries and desserts the old-fashioned way, taking great time and precision in making sure all the layers of flavor are carefully incorporated. You will find that all of our desserts are perfectly sweet, with all the elements of texture and flavor. Some of our other desserts include: Galacto-Baklava (Baklava with vanilla custard), Traditional Baklava, Seragli (Rolled Baklava topped with ground Pistachio Nuts), Kataifi Baklava (Rolled Baklava in Shredded Fillo Dough), Loukoumi with Pistachio or Almonds, Koudabiedes Cookies, Melanomakarona Cookies, Koulourakia Cookies, Date Cookies, Biscotti, and more! The best part? All of our desserts accompany our Homemade Boiled Greek Coffee (made from scratch). Try it, you’ll love it.


Baklava in its most traditional form of multiple layers of fillo dough, mixed walnuts with cinnamon

Saragli (Rolled Baklava)

Another traditional favorite. Ground Walnuts and Cinnamon rolled in layered fillo dough and topped with Pistachio Nuts.


A chewy candy dusted with powdered sugar and filled with nuts, honey and sugar. You will find this desert in small cubes


An Easter-season favorite, but we have this delicious “twisted” cookie all year. Simple ingredients, but old-fashioned technique make this cookie irresistible and also perfect for dunking in coffee.


A spin on Galactobouriko and Baklava. Here, we’ve taken traditional layered Baklava and traditional Galactobouriko and combined the two into a delicous dessert. Imagine a Baklava cupcake with premium vanilla custard!

Kataifi (Rolled Shredded Fillo)

This delicate pastry is made with shredded fillo and rolled with ground walnuts and cinnamon and topped with our homemade cinnamon syrup.


A walnut, citrus zest, cinnamon cookie topped with syrup and ground walnuts and cinnamon.


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