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  • grande fine papa cristo's

    The Grande Fine Metaxa has a mellow taste that will be sure to please even the pickiest of drinkers. Get one today!

  • Greek Olive Oil - Iliada

    Order a bottle of the delicious Iliada from Papa Cristo’s – home of the Best Greek Food in Los Angeles – online shop.

  • This Mastika Liqueur* is made with ingredients found only in Greece. That is what makes this stand out from other liqueurs.

  • orino greek

    Enjoy an exclusively taste from the Crete Islands of Greece. In every jar of Orino Honey, there are spoonfuls of high nutritional value. Order a bottle or two today!

  • Best Greek Honey

    In every jar of Attiki Honey, enjoy a flavorful taste from Greece. This honey is made from the best Greek varieties of wildflower, herb, forest & thyme.

  • Ikaria Best Greek Honey

    Greek honey is delicious due to exclusive flora species only found in Greece. It is well know that Ikaria honey is the best honey you could ever taste.

  • The Seven Stars is a mature fruit cognac character revealing intense notes of noble muscat nourished by the sun of the Aeagan Islands.

  • ouzo 12

    Only the finest herbs and seeds are harmoniously blended for the Ouzo 12, which uses the same secret recipe.

  • Five Star Metaxa

    Five Star is a distinct spirit that has a melo and smooth taste, nourished by the sun soaked grapes of Attica.

  • Olives from Greece

    Our Kalamata olives are tasty fruits imported from Greece. Papa Cristo’s shop has made Kalamata olives easily available for you.

  • plomari greek wine

    Plomari is an authentic Greek wine, with a rich history and tradition. Order a bottle for yourself through our online store today.

  • sailor hat

    Want to get an imported Greek sailor hat? Take a look at Papa Cristo’s shop for our selection of sailor hats and order one today.

  • Barbayanni gives off a prevailing scent of the aniseed gives a fragrance that resembles the scent of Greek meadows.

  • Amethystos Greek Red Wine

    The Amethystos 2011 is a red win Cabarnet, Merlot, & Aghiorghitiko grapes. Order a bottle from our online shop today*!

  • Greek White Wine - Robola of Cephalonia

    Light and fresh with notes of citrus and almond. Order a bottle of Robola of Cephalonia from our online shop today!

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