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  • Olives from Greece

    Our Kalamata olives are tasty fruits imported from Greece. Papa Cristo’s shop has made Kalamata olives easily available for you.

  • Olive Caviar Papa Cristo's

    Add an authentic Greek condiment to your table with our Papa Cristo’s Olive Caviar. Ready to spread on anything you wouldd like.

  • Greek olive caviar spread

    Our favorite olive spread at Papa Cristo’s is full of flavor made with Kalamata and Green Olives. Order a jar from us today!

  • Olive Antipasto

    Our delicious Papa Cristo’s Village Olive Antipasto is a mixture of Green and Kalamata olives. Order a few jars from our online store today!

  • Greek Olives

    Our Kalamata olives are imported from Greece & are found at Papa Cristo’s. These tasty purple fruits are direct from Greece.

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