Wholesale Orders Available

At Papa Cristo’s, it all started with our homemade Spanakopita. These spinach and Feta Cheese hand-wrapped fillo triangles have been a staple in traditional Greek cuisine, but their popularity has been quickly growing (fast) across the United States. With increased demand in these flaky snacks, we at Papa Cristo’s developed a wholesale department, right here in Los Angeles. Every step is hand-made. We now offer these fillo favorites in the following flavors: Spanakopita (Spinach and Greek Feta Cheese) Tiropita (Greek Feta Cheese) Feta Fillo Wrap (with Sun Dried Tomato) Mushroom (with Merlot Reduction) Spicy Meat (Ground Spicy Meat with Greek Seasonings)   Case Sizes in Semi Petite: Retail Box: 12/8oz Food Service: 2/48oz Kindly Call for Pricing.