Aleppo Pepper  2 oz
 All Spice  3 oz
 Anise  2 oz
 Bay Leaves  1.5 oz
 Berbere  8 oz
 Black Pepper  2.6 oz
 Black Seeds  3 oz
 Bongli  12 oz
 Bosobola  6.5 oz
 Caraway (Ground)  2 oz
 Caraway (Seeds)  2 oz
 Cardamon   2 oz
 Cinnamon (Ground)  2.2 oz 
 Cinnamon (Sticks)  2.2 oz 
 Citric Acid  2.2 oz 
 Coriander (Ground)  12 oz 
 Coriander (Seeds)  1 oz
 Cumin  2.2 oz
 Dill  1 oz 
 Fennel Seeds  2.2 oz
 Fenu Greek  3 oz 
 Flax Seeeds  8 oz 
 Garlic Powder  3 oz
 Ginger Powder  2 oz 
 Greek Seasoning  12 oz 
 Kibba Mekelesha  1.5 oz 
 Koseret  .5 oz 
 Mint  1 oz 
 Mitmita  8 oz
 Mustard Seeds  2 oz
 Nutmeg  1.5 oz
 Oregano (Greek)  2 oz 
 Red Rub (Greek Paprika Spice)  12 oz 
 Shembura Duket (Ground Garbanzo Beans)  15 oz
 Shiro  8 oz
 Sumak  8 oz
 Tenadan  .15 oz
 Tumeric  2 oz
 Tmes  3 oz
 Zaatar  8 oz 



 Ammonia for Baking  1 oz
 Chamomile Flowers  1 oz
 Citric Acid  2.2 oz
 Ethiopian Etan (Franken-cense)  2.25 oz
 Livani  2.25 oz
 Mahlab Whole  1.5 oz
 Pudding Powder - Vanilla                                
 Vanilla Powder  1 oz 


Why Use Exotic Spices?

Many of the spices above are exotic to us because we don't see them very often in American style cooking.  Aromatic spices like Oregano, have been used for thousands of years in Europe, Africa and in the Middle East although, it is said that Oregano oringated in Greece.

Using such simple yet pungent spices in your cooking will add depth and uniquiness to each dish you create.  Try adding a sprinkling of Oregano to your salad dressings or marinades, even a touch of tumerik or zaatar to your rice, and even cinnamon to your spaghetti sauce.

Visit our Spice Corner next time you visit us and become inspired with the tastes of Greece, Ethiopia, and more.

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